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LinuxCertified: The Leader in Open Source Training, Laptops and Services

The mission of LinuxCertified, Inc. is to bring cost-savings of Linux and Open-Source Software to IT infrastructure of today's organizations. Today it is clear that Linux is a major operating system, which most CIO's consider as an option for deploying in their organizations. Yet majority of Linux users belong to the community of hackers and advanced UNIX administrators.

We firmly believe that Linux has an enormous potential, once it crosses over from the early adopters to the more mainstream users. Our goal is to help this transition by providing:

  • Linux trained and certified professionals
  • Consulting and development services to create optimal and cost-effective solutions
  • Linux certified products, including powerful and cost-effective Linux laptops

We are a group of professionals from both inside and outside the computer industry with great enthusiasm for Linux. If you share this enthusiasm, we invite you to join us as a partner, colleague or a customer.

Building a community of Linux trained professionals

At LinuxCertified, we are committed to create a thriving community of Linux trained and certified professionals. Our students, instructors, consultants and partners form a closely knit community of professionals with common set of goals and propensity for supporting each other. This community will significantly help bringing Linux to new uses in today's businesses.

Our training organization prides itself in providing the best Linux training in the industry. Following is a brief list of organizations which have recently sent their IT professionals to our Linux training program:

Boeing NASA Redback Networks Compaq
VISA International Fujitsu Unisys Los Alamos National Laboratory
Oracle SGI Cadence San Juan Unified School District
MIT Chevron Charles Schwab Kaiser Permanente
Road Runner Hewitt Associates US Army University of Texas, Austin
Disney NetApp Logitech Merced County Office of Education
Netflix Broadcom Motrola Solutions Santa Clara Valley Water Works
Lockheed Martin Samsung Qlogic Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Intel Texas Instruments CSE Canada Tyco International
Brocade Altera Corporation Meyn Food Processing Macnica USA
Arbitron Adtran Silicon Image Ericsson
ShoreTel Honeywell Panasonic Avionics Corp Alcoa, Inc

For professional training and certification, please contact us at: classes (at)

Courseware for Training Organizations

Our course designers have developed a comprehensive courseware without the bias of a product vendor. This courseware is used by numerous affiliate partners (including universities) around the world. If you are interested in offering our courses at your institution, please contact us at: courseware (at)

Mobile Linux Solutions

Linux and mobility is a potent combination. We provide no-compromise mobile solutions based on Linux. Our highly successful LC2000 series of Linux laptops, provides productivity-enhancing powerful Linux solutions right in the hands of the professionals. We pre-install customer's choice of Linux distributions including Red Hat, Ubuntu and Suse. We are also a Lenovo business partner, and sell pre-installed Lenovo Linux laptops.

Linux Services

We offer efficient and highly effective Open Source Software services at our customers' facilities as well as remotely over secured network. Our goal is to realize considerable cost savings for the IT departments we serve.

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