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LinuxCertified Academic Program (LCAP)

Today's IT environments are changing very rapidly. One of the hallmarks of these environments is that they are very network-centric. Linux, a leading operating system, is widely considered a cornerstone in network computing infrastructure of today and future.

This strategic nature of Linux is not lost to today's corporations who are now heavily investing in Linux training for their employees. Forward-looking leading schools have now started to incorporate Linux Training in their Computer Science Curriculum. This provides their students an opportunity to broaden their horizons in Information Technology, and prepares them for rewarding careers, especially in technical fields.

LinuxCertified, a leader in Linux training, is committed to providing the best tools to institutions to create and deliver Linux training programs. Through LinuxCertified Academic Program (LCAP), institutions can very rapidly offer highly effective Linux courses (instructor-led, e-learning based, or blended) for their students.

Benefits to Institution

  • Rapid deployment: LinuxCertified enables an institution to start offering Linux classes in a very aggressive timeframe. In most cases, you will be able to offer the Linux program by the time your next enrollment season starts.
  • Lab setup: We provide hardware and software setup instructions to create the most efficient and cost-effective lab environment. Optionally, you can even have us create a fully functional networked lab environment in your institution.
  • Cost-effective: LinuxCertified provides the most cost-effective program in the industry. In addition to improving the profile of your overall curriculum, these courses would provide significant contribution to your bottom-line.

Benefits to Instructors

  • Projection slides and notes: Instructors can spend time focusing on the subject matter. Our instruction aids take care of the delivery in the class.
  • Guidance for lab exercises: We provide needed information, setup (and tricks!) for all lab exercises.
  • Training: Our train-the-trainer program quickly ramps up instructors to be able to deliver the course. We continue to provide any technical or operational support needed to ensure successful execution of the class.

Benefits to Students

  • Latest courseware: Our courseware is kept up-to-date with the rapidly changing nature of Linux and related technologies. Students learn from the latest and greatest concepts being used in today's IT world.
  • Hands-on experience: We have designed our courseware to ensure extensive hands-on experience. This will enable the students to be very comfortable with the technology.
  • Advanced learning: For advanced learners our courseware will provide great challenges to further enhance their skills.



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