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Eclipse Jumpstart


Eclipse has emerged as the de-facto Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded development having been adopted as the basis for proprietary tool chains by virtually all of the major embedded Linux vendors including Monta Vista, LynuxWorks, TimeSys, and Wind River, among others.

This 1-day, fast-paced, hands-on class shows you how to use the Open Source version of Eclipse to greatly improve productivity for your embedded development. You’ll learn how to integrate cross tool chains, how to manage projects, and how to set up a target debug environment among other things.

This class can be taken as a standalone class or as a successor to the 3-day Hands-on Embedded and Real-time Linux class, which uses Eclipse as its development environment.


  • Background and history of Eclipse
  • Getting started
    • Where to get it
    • Installation
  • Basics
    • Perspectives, Editors and Views
    • Menus
    • Configuring Eclipse
    • Plug-ins
    • Automatic updates
  • The C Development Toolkit (CDT)
    • Creating and configuring a project
    • Managed vs. Makefile projects
    • Content Assist
    • Importing and exporting
    • Linking projects
  • Debugging
    • Launch configurations
    • Viewing variables and memory
    • Controlling execution
    • Breakpoints
  • Device Software Development Platform (DSDP)
    • Target management and the Remote System Explorer (RSE)
    • Connecting a target board
    • Remote debugging
  • Miscellaneous Topics
    • Plug-in development environment
    • Source code control with CVS

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Prerequisites: Attendees should have experience with the C programming language and basic Unix knowledge.

If you have any questions about the difficulty level of the class, please contact us at:  classes (at)

Optional: All attendees will get a Linux laptop to be used during the class. You have the option of purchasing this laptop with an additional course fee.

On-site: If you would like to arrange an on-site Linux  class, please contact us at: classes (at)

If you don't see this class scheduled in the timeframe/place of your preference, please let us know your preference for timeframe (which month etc.) and any particular geography preference. Send email with your interest to classes(at)

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