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Linux and Open Source Software:  A Manager’s Introduction

Audio/Visual Workshop (CD-ROM based)

The objective of this workshop is to provide an overview of current status of Linux & Open Source Software, and to bring out various tradeoffs IT managers need to make while introducing these components in their IT infrastructure. Concise and focussed, this workshop is ideally suited for busy schedules of today's IT managers.


Workshop contains:

  1. Approximately half an hour of video on CD-ROM (plays on Linux, Windows or Mac)
  2. Slides used during the presentation
  3. Linux, Inc. A Survey on Open Source Software. A recent report by The Dravis Group

Outline of topics covered:

What is Linux?
What is a Linux Distribution?
Overview of Linux Distributions
Picking the right distribution
Linux on desktops
Looking inside an official distribution pack
Linux - Timeline
Linux – Version Numbers
Open Source Software/GPL License
Open-Source Enterprise
Misconceptions about Open Source Software
Key Open Source Software (Server Side)
Linux System Vendors
Linux Certifications

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