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ThinkStation LCM720
High Productivity
starting at $1449 $899
(After Instant Rebate)
(Rebate until 9/21/2019)



ThinkStation LCP330
starting at $1649 $1299
(After Instant Rebate)
(Rebate until 9/21/2019)



ThinkStation LCP720
Premium Performance
starting at $2099 2199
(After Instant Rebate)
(Rebate until 9/21/2019)


Linux Desktops - Best Lenovo ThinkStations

Accelerate your development and increase your productivity. Lenovo workstations feature superior engineering and innovative design. Wether complex graphics or AI, we offer a workstation that works for you.
Your business depends upon making smart and profitable decisions, These desktops run solidly for years and perform very well."

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Upgrades: Optional Dual-Boot capability (Linux and Windows) Memory upgrade special: Upgrade to 16 GB memory: $149 (regular price $199)

Certified Distributions:

LCM/P has been certified with following distributions:

Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 19.04
Fedora 29
Fedora 30
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Oracle Enterprise Linux

Orders are shipped in 5 - 7 business days**.

Standard US shipment charge: $38 per system (UPS ground)

Call for international or other special shipping needs.

Questions? Send email to: info (at) linuxcertified (dot) com

** Subject to availability in stock.



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